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Aeroclub Nitra has nowadays approx. 35 saiplane pilots (and the number is still growing). These pilots are grouped into a specific organization cell called "Bezmotorový odbor" (non-engine department).

Glider during cross-country flight
Gliders during cross-country flight near Nitra town.

"Bezmotorový odbor" has currently 14 gliders of various classes and 2 motor planes in its fleet:

  • 2 Czechoslovak double seaters "Blaník" and 2 doubleseaters "Superblaník" for training and acrobatics flying
  • 5 Czechoslovak gliders VSO-10 "Osa" for shorter flights
  • 1 clubclass glider Cirrus and Pegase glider for faster flights
  • 1 high performance open class glider LS 6
  • an open class glider Nimbus II - a legendary sailplane, a world top class glider during past times
  • 1 doubleseater DG1000 with retractable engine - a comfortable limousine that always reach its target destination
  • 1 motor plane Eurofox for aero tows, training and sightseeing flights around Nitra town
  • 1 motor plane L13 SE "Vivat" (Aeroclub is a co-owner)


Except these mentioned planes you can also see some private aircraft at the airport:

  • historical glider "Šohaj"
  • historical glider "Orlík"
  • 2 club class gliders "ASW-15"
  • 2 gliders "Std. Libelle"
  • 1 glider "Astir CS"
  • 1 top-performance glider "LS-8" of Slovak gliding representation

Historical glider Šohaj
Historical glider "Šohaj".

You can see these gliders above Nitra mainly during the hot summer weekends. Gliding gets airborn by a special aviation winch or an aero-tow connected to a "tow engine plane".

Immediatelly after a successful launch pilots need to continually look for rising hot-air themals to get into greater heights. More experienced pilots usually decide to fly cross-country flights around the Slovakian airspace. Many times they can reach the "High Tatras" area and come back to Nitra airport without the help of the engine.

A winch
A Czechoslovak winch "Herkules III" takes sailplanes to 350 m of height during only a few seconds.

Tha best glider pilots are regularly competing at different gliding contests organized all around Slovakia (Pribina Cup competition organized every year in Nitra) or abroad.

If you are interested in gliding after reading these informations and you would like to try it, visit Nitra airport and try a shorter sightseeing flight or sign up to a glider pilot training (you can find more informations about the training in the section Flight School).

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