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Motor Flying

A motor flying has a long tradition in our aero club. The motor department has today approx. 18 members. The club has available 5 single engine planes and 1 multi engine for these guys:

  • 3x double seat training Czechoslovak plane "Zlín Z-142"
  • a double seated plane "Zlín Z-226MS"
  • a four seated "Zlín Z-43"
  • a queen of our motor fleet - a multi engine hoistorical plane "Aerovka"

Historical double seated historical plane
Historical plane "Aerovka"

Directly at the airport there is also a producer of an ultralight planes Eurofox - Aeropro company and Aero Slovakia company. Therefore you can also see the Eurofox and "Čmeliak" aicrafts too.

If you are interested in motor flying after reading these information and you would like to join us, you can contact us personally at the Airport Nitra. For more information about motor plane training please visit the section Flight School


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