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Useful Information

Terrain and weather

Airport Nitra is situated in flat-land-like southern Slovakia. Approximatelly 8 km north direction there is a Zobor hill (elev. 585 m) of starting Tríbeč mountains. During summer time the local thermal system allows glider pilots to make long thermal flights or also cross-country flights. While south wind is blowing there is a possibility to fly a ridge of Tríbeč mountains.  On the contrary, north wind offer a wave flying up to approx. 5000 m of height.


Airport Nitra (LZNI) has a GPS co-ordinates:

ELEV 135 m (443 ft).

It is located 5 km south-east of Nitra town.

For navigation to the airport you can explit radio-locators using following settings:
R128 3.6 NM

Operational Runways:

33 RIGHT / 15 LEFT  1080 m X 50 m grass
33 LEFT  / 15 RIGHT 1080 m X 100 m grass

SWY 1200 m X 200 m

Local Frequency

While flying across the airport information area or for information for approaching and landing requests please call the NITRA INFO station on frequency 123.4 MHz. If nobody answer your calling, in your own interest, please call regularly informations about your location and check the airspace for other motorr aircrafts or gliders.


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