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Aeroclub Nitra

Aeroclub Nitra is a society of people joined together by their common hobby - flying. The club is situated at a sport airport in Nitra where it allowes all interested people to meet and train themselves in their hobby: motor flying, gliding or parachuting.

Powered flying

A powered flying has a long tradition in our aero club. The club has available 5 single engine planes and 1 multi engine plane.

Directly at the airport there is also a producer of an ultralight planes Eurofox - Aeropro company and Aero Slovakia company. Therefore you can also see the Eurofox and "Čmeliak" aicrafts too.


Glider pilots are the largest department of aeroclub. You can see them above Nitra mainly during the hot summer weekends. Gliders get airborn by an aero-tow connected to a "tow plane". Immediatelly after a successful launch pilots need to continually look for rising hot-air themals to get into greater heights. More experienced pilots usually decide to fly cross-country flights around the Slovakian airspace. Many times they can reach the High Tatra area and come back to Nitra airport without the help of an engine.

Tha best glider pilots are regularly competing at different gliding contests organized all around Slovakia (Pribina Cup competition organized every year in Nitra) or abroad.


Our departmend of the aeroclub offers you an incredible opportunity to try a solo jump or tandem jump with a professional instructor out of Cessna 182. Over the years we have trained thousands of studends and some succesful parachutes. Our instructors may show you the beauties of this sport. There are two terms every year planed for tandem jumping, one in may, one in september. Our members try to use every nice weekend for skydiving from L-60 Brigadyr and you might see us obove your heads falling out of the sky :).


An Airport Nitra - Janíkovce (ICAO abbrev. LZNI) is situated approx. 3 km south direction of the town of Nitra, near by a small village - Janíkovce. The airport has an elevation 135 m above sea, operational grass surfaced runway which is orientated in the direction 150/330 degrees. The runway is approx. 1200 m long and is suitable for aircrafts up to 5600 kg of maximum weight. A local information radio frequency is 123.405 MHz.



Aerokclub organize sport events every year whether for pilots or public. Currently we prepare these events:

Pribina Cup

Pribina Cup

Oldtimer Pribina Star

Oldtimer Pribina Star

Glider Star

Glider Star

Nitra Triangle

Nitra Triangle

Junior Camp

Junior Camp

Flight school

Aeroclub Nitra offers training courses for obtaining Private Pilot Licence for single engined planes PPL(A)-SEPL or Glider Pilot License.

Training has a toretical and practical part. You can join the course if you reached 17 years and have no health diseases.

The Teoretical part of course consists of these subjects: aviation meteorology, basics of aerodynamics and mechanics of flight, construction of planes and aviation engines, aviation instrumentation and aviation law. Theory takes 40 hours and will finish with final exam. After you successful pass the final exam you can start the practical part of training.

Practical part consists of 20 tasks that student pilot needs to pass. First 9 tasks student is flying woth instructor, other alone. After passing all the tasks (approx. 50 flight hours) student needs to pass the final examination of aviation inspector and that he obtain the pilot license. All the training takes usually 1 year but it depends of student skills and abbilities. After finishing this course student obtain Private Pilot License (PPL) for Single Engined Planes (SEPL).

This training consists of teoretical and practical part. You can join the training if you have reached 15 years and has no health diseases.

Training course is opened once a year, theoretical part begins in january, practical in april and continues till late autum. Training usually takes to seasons but it depends of pilot skills and experience. After finishing the training pilot gets the glider pilot license which allowes him to fly all the glider types which he has a qualification on. Aeroclub has a two types of training gliders: world famous "L-13 Blaník" and "L-23 Superblaník" gliders. After finishing the training pilots can obtain a qualification on other types of aeroclub fleet.

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