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August 7 - 15, 2020 Nitra Airport - Slovakia

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Oldtimer Pribina Star 2020

OPS 2020 – What do we know and expect so far with accordance to all of the good and bad viruses

Dear flying wood, archaic fiber, aluminium lovers and all other vintage glider pilots! Because apart of the lovely and great virus of thermal flying we do have now another one – possibly a present from our colleges – the bats – night snipers, we are still waiting a bit like a lazy eagles and vultures for temperature of convection to be reached. No fear so far: august is not right over the corner, so we do believe we all will meet (with planes, beer and meat) at Nitra aiport for OPS 2020. 8th of August we are planning to rise the flag at 10 am and the parties – club and hangar party are scheduled for August 11th and 14th. The end of our vintage competition will take place on August 15th 11 am. The final decision will be taken at July 24th and we will inform you if all will happened as we are planning and willing! We do hope that the answer will be Yes!

Bulletin is available via mail



Gliders for rent

There is possibility to rent gliders during the competition. We can rent you Blaník L13/23 20€/hour, VSO10 15€/hour a DG1000 50€/hour. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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Igor Ott sohaj425@gmail.com, +421 908 095 592, +420 724 672 122

Jozef Ott jozef.ott@gmail.com, +421 903 889 869

Aeroclub Nitra, Dlhá 108, 94907 Nitra Slovakia