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August 12 - 20, 2016 Nitra Airport - Slovakia

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Oldtimer Pribina Star 2016

Our beloved flyers and vintage flying lovers. If you prefer nostalgia and all of the flying apparatus of non-fiber descent, born in the times when even the air smells different – pay attention! After the first year of our vintage gliding competition named Oldtimer Pribina Star – OPS 2015, which was quite successful, we invite you to its second try between August 12 and 20th 2016. We hope, that the weather – which is usually very vintage friendly in Nitra, with cumulus bases as high as you can´t see, will be nice and purely flyable in 2016 as well.

What do we offer? A bit of traveling-in-time, Zväzarm way of nostalgia in „Friendship in the air and on the ground as well“ mood and making new friends from wherever you wish. We will fly „the famous pentagram shaped star track (do not take it wrong), many AAT cross country flights – all in the way that even the non very competitive planes will be able to make it to the warm arms of LZNI airport without the strong trailer urge. Of course we will throw (not up) the control stick, drink beer in „who is the fastest“ style and much more. Jury members will do their best, but protests are allowed free with the „six beers rule“. The beers must be delivered in this case – and as well in the unruly pilots´ penalty case – directly to the jury or organizer´s team.

Any flight recording tool seems very kosher to us: flarm, volkslogger, even a photo with a date and spotted Turnpoint – in the case of the trustful gentleman pilot. All the planes have the coefficient ratios which we will consider in the results.

And who can fly? Any GPL pilot with the glider made before 1960 and also L-13 and L-23 pilot as well as any competitor who is flying a plane with any part made of wood – like the great „Vesp“ VSO-10 „Osa“ – in this case thank to the wooden wings.

How much this fun costs? The entry is the last two digits of the year: 16 EUR in 2016, 99 in 2099 and: in 2100 it will be free of charge. And even now it will cost nothing for the POTK and VGC members. The entry applies for each plane – so two seaters are manwise considerably cheaper. If you like to put your glider into the hangar, you will be charged 3 eur per day, towing depends on the plane: Eurofox 2,5 EUR per minute, Z-226 will cost 3 EUR and the most powerful and thirsty L-60 Brigadýr means 3,5 EUR per minute.

Accomodation inside will cost 8 eur per person and bed, camping is for 5 EUR per person and night. Hungry people may obtain carried=in lunch and dinner (pre-ordered) per 3,5 EUR each meal. The Farewell Hangar party will take place anytime between August 17th and 19th – according to the weather, mood and all the other unpredictable circumstances. Anyway it will take place just once.

For the best pilots we do have diplomas and some small souvenirs, we will provide also the old-fashioned barograph „smoked papers“. So – ladies and gentleman – see you in August at the OPS 2016.


July 28th, 2016

Dear Friends,

first of all I would like to thank you for your interest in our competition OPS 2016 and for your registration. I hope that there will be few more great gliders „with the smell of the golden era“ at our grid and I am looking forward to competing under cumulus clouds. For those of you, who is supporting our „retro competition“ I have following information:

We would like to thank to the Municipality of Nitra for financial help. We will welcome you on Friday, August 12 with the help of my father mr. Jozef Ott, the oldest but still a very active glider pilot in Nitra. On the 13th of August at 10 a.m. we will start our competition under the Zväzarm flag and we will get „a command to fly“. We are doing our best to arrange the greatest possible weather with strong thermals. The meteobriefing will be held by meteorologist Šaňo Čerba and first flying day will take us to the vicinity of Nitra. All the next days we are planning to fly on different tasks of various shapes – triangles, stars and many others created by Marián Hadnagy. The jury will be made by Mr. Ferko Čagala who will take care of your igc (or any other) files. From this year onward we are not going to mix flying and non flying tasks „not to mix apples with pears“. So flying will be evaluated separately from throwing of the control stick, drinking beer on time and various „down-to-the-earth funny tasks“. Before the rest day Aeroklub Nitra will organize a „hangar party“ so we do expect quite some fun and dancing. Safety will be monitored by Mr. Dominik Jančík who can anytime use the „six beers“ penalty for misdemeanors. Safety first! The pricegiving ceremony and the official end of OPS 2016 will take place on Saturday 20th of August before the noon.

We are looking forward to see all of you in Nitra!

Your sincerely Igor Ott




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Aeroclub Nitra, Dlhá 108, 94907 Nitra Slovakia