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August 03 - 11, 2018 Nitra Airport - Slovakia

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Oldtimer Pribina Star 2018

Dear vintage glider pilots, we do have some good news for you and would like to invite you to OLDTIMER PRIBINA STAR, probably the best competition of vintage gliders in Slovakia and nearby Universe in the latest years.

It will take place again at LZNI – Nitra airfield in August 2018 – from 3rd till 11th. The competition entry fee will be 18€. Please, add 100€ for tows at the beginning as well, we will return the unused part after the competition end if this will be the case.

Who can fly? Everyone with pilot license with glider made before 1960. L-13, L-23 or gliders with at least one wooden part are counted also. Newer gliders can compete with crew older than 75 (double sitters 150) years.

Aerotowing will cost you 3€ per minute, thermals are free of charge again. Please, send your entries by Jule 13th, due to preparations. In the hangar we are able to accommodate some 40 gliders and also some amount of people in the bungalows (there is another option to find accommodation in near village). Old rule: first come – first take.

Apart of great flying we expect Aeroclub wild party will take place on Aug. 6th and „Hangar party“ on August 10th evening. All of you – new or „old“ OPS pilots and family members as well are welcome, we are looking forward to see you in Nitra again. So – Let's Fly the History into the Future in 2018th!

In case of bad weather you can relax or explore Nitra region Nitra City, Bojnice, Chateau Topolčianky, Botanical garden Mlyňany, Banská Štiavnica, Thermal Pool Kesov, Thermal Pool Podhájska, Capital city Bratislava, Spa Piešťany.


Gliders for rent

There is possibility to rent gliders during the competition. We can rent you Blaník L13/23 20€/hour, VSO10 15€/hour a DG1000 50€/hour. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


where are we? click google map

Igor Ott sohaj425@gmail.com, +421 908 095 592, +420 724 672 122

Jozef Ott jozef.ott@gmail.com, +421 903 889 869

Aeroclub Nitra, Dlhá 108, 94907 Nitra Slovakia