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Nitra Airfield

Airport Nitra is situated close to village Janíkovce about 5km southly from Nitra. It holds an international airport statue.

It's altitude is 135m above sea level, RW in direction 330/150 is 1200m long and 200m wide with grassy surface and it is designed for planes fitting to weight category up to 5600kg. Local information frequency is 123.4 MHz.

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The airport is operated by Aeroclub Nitra. Moreover, another two companies: Aero Slovakia and the producer of ultra-light planes Aeropro run their activities at this airport.

The airport provides customs and passport control services for international arrivals, but those have to be arranged in advance.

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ultra-light tow plane
hangar volleyball court
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It also offers sufficient amount of social and hygienic facilities, accommodation, swimming pool with volleyball court, tennis court and camping site including electricity connection, hangars for aeroplanes.

Furthermore, numerous activities such as regional gliding races, training courses, seminars, competitions, air shows etc. take place at this airport annually. Some of the most significant were: 26th IVGR in 1998, 3rd FAI World Junior Gliding Championship in 2003, 4th FAI World Gliding Championship in World class in 2003, 13th FAI European Gliding Championship in 2005 and an annual gliding competition - Pribina Cup.

The Aeroclub provides training courses for those interested in obtaining a pilot license for gliding and power driven gliding. It also offers acrobatic training and type conversion trainings with possibility to hire engine powered airplanes or gliders.

Since our airport, thanks to its favorable weather conditions, has become in the last few years a popular destination for the glider pilots from abroad, coming here together with their families, we would like to mention several points of interest and tips for sightseeing in the Nitra region.

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Eurofox h2 winch winching
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The Begining ...

On the 21. July 1914 the first power driven airplane piloted by Andrej Kvasz landed on the fields of Nitra, this event is regarded to be the first reference of aircraft flying in Nitra's history and it initiated the building operations of an airport serving for observation squadron and fighter regiment.

In early 20's the military pilots, besides their professional work, engaged at development and production of gliders. They have had created several prototypes that were presented at different exhibitions taking place in former Czechoslovakia.

In the year 1930 the airport base had to be transposed further east from its original site due to regulation of river stream. The airport continuously served mostly for military purposes. In 1941 "Mráz" company had established its extension factory in order to produce Kranich II b gliders, but the production was terminated in 1946. The constructors from "Mráz" group have had created a power driven aeroplane Zobor as a forerunner of Sokolov developed in their head company in Chocen after the II WW, but also a training glider MiMi B3 Sidlo.

In 1945 after crossing the front line the most of the hangars and buildings were blown up by receding army forces, remaining only the production hall belonging to Mráz Co. At that time the military squadron has had finished its activity at the airport and the Slovak National Aeroclub (SNA) launched its operation. Although the SNA members firstly began to recover damage on buildings and hangars, the main focus of their interest remained sport flying, aeroplane flying, gliding, parachuting or moulding of airplane models. Due to expansive housing construction in Nitra town, in 1960 the airport was forced to finish its activities and relocate further south in the village Ve?ké Janíkovce - the current place of its location.

Vintage Glider Rally 2007

Many members of the VGC will surely remember above mentioned 26th IVGR that took place at Nitra in 1998. Participants at that meeting will fondly recall the good times spent both in the air and on the ground.

A long time has passed since that meeting, and a lot has changed for the better. Many hotels and pensions have sprung up in the town, many of them close to the airfield. A lot has changed at the local gliding club too as the Aeroklub Nitra has tried to accommodate the needs of foreign guests, who come to take advantage of the consistently good gliding weather that our region is well known for.

The Aeroklub Nitra is planning to organize the 35th IVGR in 2007. Maximum effort will be employed to ensure a smooth launch operation is provided with four tow planes and two winches. The airspace will be guaranteed up to a height of at least 2300m. Two large hangars will be available. There will be accommodation available at the local gliding club comprising rooms that will sleep 4 or 5 people. A sufficiently large camping area will be available with electricity, water and WC facilities. There will also be a restaurant serving food all day.

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We look forward to meet you in Nitra soon!!!

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